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November 09, 2010



I don't like coffee and I have never watched Mad Men.

I like the fall bouquet my husband bought for our anniversary, even if it is mostly daisies (and smells awful!).

Mama Sweet Pea

My replacement list: Like Wendy Williams instead of Oprah (she tells us what we really want to know), Lunchtime instead of dinner hour (the kids are in school!!), and Febreeze spray is so much more effective than candles!

I love your blog!



I don't like turkey. I do like my new real straight Gap jeans, and nachos.

And you, I like you.

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Gray Matter

Thank you thank you thank you!! The Oprah thing drives me crazy.
GUEST: "So that's why I felt like I needed to kill him."
OPRAH: "You felt...like you needed to kill him...needed to kill him...mmm hmmm"
GUEST: "You know what that's like right?"
OPRAH: "Mmmmmm."

Mmmmmm? Does that mean you know what it's like to kill someone Oprah? Are you agreeing?


PS: I agree with everything you said except for the peanuts thing. I'm a purist.


I don't like:
Dr Oz. I like his topics but sometimes I really have a hard time following him! I kind of find him creepy? Maybe it's just me!

Crabby kids, who are overtired (need I say more?)

I do like:
A nice long, hot bath with candles, Z104 and a glass of Wollersheim's River gold

A play at the Overture Center and then a nice dinner with my husband (and NOT feel guilty about spending time/money on "us" instead of our 4 kids!)

Tiramisu!!!! (wanna say LOVE not like!)

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