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April 12, 2010



The article that you quote is just an example of bad journalism - the author is a complete idiot who wrote half-truths that only feed Polish stereotypes in this country. Magda Rittenhouse should stick to something else instead of writing something that embarrassing in the context of national tragedy that touched Poles all over the world.

Read instead an excellent article by Alex Storozynski who is a top Pulizer Prize winning journalist:


and be proud of being Polish.


My maternal grandmother's parents were from Poland... so I guess that makes me 25% Polish or so. I always hated to mention this fact for fear of the Polish ridicule.
Not these days anymore though. It's cool to be a Pole!
I guess no one thinks 'gee, what if we crash', when heading on a seemingly short flight from Poland to Russia.
This is indeed a terrible and sad... tragic, really, event for the Polish people. :(

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