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January 14, 2010



I dream so vividly and epic(ly)?, that I wish I had a way to hook up my brain to a recording device.
It sounds like you and I dream alike... in color, all the time and long story lines. Could be why we could relate. :)
I still remember some dreams I have had, even years ago. I love those dreams I have that involve being in a giant old mansion... even if it is delaptated and has odd spots in it where you have to cross over a plank because the 3rd story floor was missing... or the dreams where I visit an entire city that is comprised of tiny little islands in a giagantic body of water, and their expressway system is more like an elaborate rollercoaster made of steel and mesh and you travel high above the water throughout weird twists and turns.
This could be an interesting blog... I should probably start keeping a journal... but then again, I am feeling a bit too lazy from that. ;)


I always think, if only I could better remember these dreams, I could write a kick-ass novel or screenplay! I am so much more creative when I am sound asleep.


Oh, that is so wild, the link between sleep and mood disorders. I am always amazed to find people who insist they don't dream at all. I seem to dream every night, and every dream is fraught with intense emotion. I wake up in a cortisol haze.

Yeah, that's healthy.

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