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September 21, 2009



Oh Amy Jo...
How frightening and sad. I've been following this a tiny bit on twitter... I don't know what I'd do if my little guy's shirt was covered with blood and he was in the state your little man was in.
That's just it though, you hold it all together until they are where they need to be, and after all the shock and commotion, the realization sets in and you unhinge a bit.
Big hugs to you.


Oh my gosh, that's terrible. That's one of my biggest fears.

They should have placed his tooth in a cup of milk and told you to get straight to the dentist or emergency room. I would seriously ask the daycare where the tooth is and why they didn't give it to you and why they didn't give you better information about what happened.

I hope he's alright and I hope you aren't too traumatized by the experience.


Oh gosh, this sounds awful. I'd be a wreck. I'm with Leighann. I'd have some serious questions for the day care center.

Hope he is OK.

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