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February 11, 2009



That's sad. So she can only be friends (and Facebook friends at that) with people who support her political and social views 100%? If I felt that way, I wouldn't have many friends at all either on FB or off.

It really does sound like her loss (and her problem), but I understand why it bothers you.


I think your response is perfect. I don't think it's ever occurred to me to "unfriend" someone. Strange.

Susan Robitaille

Hmmm... wow. I mean... wtf?! What is the point of making a point of not being friends? You can just leave someone's 'friend' thingie on your facebook and not bother to check it or whatever. I was eventually (thankfully) dumped by one person who constantly, minutely left horrifying status updates that I finally left a sharp comment on. I frankly, am glad I said something and am not being subjected to reading them anymore.
You and I have different political views and religious views... however, I am grown up enough to understand that sometimes people have different ideas about how they want to accomplish things. Life will always be like that, it always has, it always will... but that's what made Romeo and Juliet as powerful as it was... so, I'm a conservative? If you cut me, will I not bleed? :)
Clearly we are not going to go to politcal rallies together, and that's okay... but you are still someone that my heart feels happy to call a friend. We had some kind of ethereal bond that was maybe even strange at the time it was happening... after all, you had cats, and I, dogs. What was important were the things we DO get along with... shared human experiences and the common thread that makes everyone tick.
I understand your hurt feelings. She is maybe a little too into what facebook 'means' or something stupid like that. Or maybe she has simply become a big fat jerk. :)


Love your response. Couldn't have said it better. If political views reflected that strongly with everyone, WE would be at war. Your a beautiful person, and have a strong mind. Don't let ignorance get you down -- you know, there are a lot of us who love you for who you are :) XXOO


Wow. That would upset me too, in a "I know this shouldn't bug me but it really DOES" kind of way.


What she did is absolutely idiotic, and I admire you for taking the high road and sending such a great response. And thanks for linking to the petition--I signed it.

Scary Mommy

Her loss. Do you WANT to have anything in common with her? Your response was perfect.


Facebook is bizarre. You connect with people you haven't spoken with in 20 years. Sometimes you realize why, maybe they are as nutty and offensive now as they were then. Or maybe they have grown intolerant and rightous. It sounds like you definitely turned the other cheek and handled it with grace. Cheers for that!

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