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October 09, 2008



Oooh, honey. Wanna compare eye baggage???

I'll trade ya. Over one year straight of insomnia giving me 20-25 hours of sleep a WEEK... for your stretch of sleepless baby nights. I can't even blame baby... he's now almost three. =(


OK. It might be hard for me to muster up TOO MUCH sympathy here.

Have a great time in Chicago! Sell a whole bunch of books!


Oh that is just WRONG!

At least you'll get some sleep on your trip. Good luck & have fun.


When my baby started daycare, I couldn't bear for him to be away from me and have a good time. I used to hope and wish that he'd sleep all day so he could spend awake time with me. Of course you need your sleep too, but it's very cool that you get that alone time with him at night too!

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