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September 23, 2008



I was just thinking about you & tomorrow! Hang in there.

Nice timing on the husband's business trip. OY!


I vote we just start with cry. That's by far the easiest.

Lady M

Good luck back at work! Hoping that the bottle transition goes well. We had a few noisy afternoons, but the micro dude got used to it pretty quickly.


Thinking of you - I hope you're day at work is a little calmer than the one you had yesterday at home.

FWIW, my second daughter refused to take a bottle until about noon on the day I went back to work. The hunger finally wore her down.


Oh man, it's tough, I know. Maybe it is OK not to have to accomplish all of those things? Maybe a take-out instead of the crock pot? Maybe in-laws can get the sheets on on their own? Maybe a day or two without a bath would be OK?

Make it as easy on yourself as possible. The place where you are right now--it sucks. And I am sorry. I will be thinking of you.


Oh ugh... The first day back is the hardest but it gets easier from there. And maybe he'll take the bottle better once at daycare (hopefully?)...

Hang in there... You'll both do great.


I know. I thought I was fine until I walked through my building's door. It gets easier. And I always say that it's less work being at work.

Good luck. And it really is okay to cry.

sam {temptingmama}

OMG, I couldn't even imagine.

I'd go with cry - I mean, you *could* do all the rest while you're crying, no?

I'll be thinking about you!

Trenches of Mommyhood

Thinking of you today, on your first day back.
Big hugs.


Thank you for blogging. I'm a new mother of a 3-week old and struggling with breastfeeding, sleep, spit-up and my husband. I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one with crying on my to-do list! I'm a bit overwhelmed with family 1000 miles away and a supportive husband that doesn't quite know how to be supportive. Thank you for giving me a place I can relate to when I've got a few minutes between feeding and an exploding diaper!

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