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May 14, 2008



Aww! This really made me smile. It's almost time to meet the new kid!

Mrs. Chicken

This made me feel more at ease about my own situation. Thank you, friend.


Sounds like you know what you're getting into. Stressful, yes. But definitely more than worth it!


You're going to be just fine! Yes, you'll have some tough moments, but overall you are going to be amazed at how much love your heart can hold (more than you ever thought possible). And in a couple of years when those two boys are playing together, it's going to blow you away.

I bet the new bedding is really cute!


i bet he really was adorable :)

ps - i think you totally must buy the dinosaur bedding. it's a whole new chapter and a whole new adventure.


Ada is so in love with her "turtle shirt" that she would wear it every day if I let her. She doesn't care that it is too short in the sleeves and that her belly sticks out at the bottom. I care - I imagine people clucking about the mom who let her child wear that rag. Then again, anyone who has had a toddler must know.


Oh, what a beautiful post. You are ready, indeed. It's going to be hard, so hard at times, and there will be times when you'll wonder why the hell you ever decided to do this, but those will be completely overshadowed by the happiness the new baby brings and the love between the two siblings. I was completely unprepared to witness this amazing connection between the two brothers. Mind blowing. And six months into it, it just get better and better.

P.S.: Beware: sleep deprivation is SO MUCH tougher this time around. But everything else is much easier.

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