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April 07, 2008



The last time I used it, I was also pregnant. It really should be called Expecting-a-Baby Powder, or possibly Preggo Powder, because it seems only pregnant women use it. (I also read all the dire warnings about what could happen if you actually use it on a baby - yikes).

So anyway, I used to put it on buck naked or with just my bathrobe on. Dust off the excess with a white towel. Wait about 10 min to get dressed so more of the excess shakes off on it's own. It's a very complicated product!


I use the stuff daily, and yes, you have to do it nekked after the shower.

The little mini bottles are good for redusting the crook of your elbow, but that's it.


Oops, oh hi, that was my alter ego chiming in there.


I'm sorry but all I can think of is that episode of Friends where Ross is trapped in a pair of leather pants and trying to use baby powder to get out of them and totally panicking.


not any real advice here except don't use it as a back up deodorant. did that once - big mistake!!

and really who cares if you get it all over you, at least you will smell pretty :)


Oh god that brings back some painful memories. I had the chafing issue as well and it got so bad that when I went in to my OB to be checked the doctor FREAKED OUT and said "Ohmigod, that must HURT!" And then called his nurse over to look at it as well. Lovely. He gave me some kind of cream stuff to rub on it, but I don't remember what it was. It was prescription something though.


I have no advice sorry.

But I LAUGHED the entire way through the post... all I could think of was the Friends episode where Ross wore the leather pants and tried to do the baby powder thing in some lady's apartment that he was on a date with.

OMG. SO funny.

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