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April 18, 2008


Account Deleted

Oh YES. I wish that would happen to me. So thoughtful!


Every once in awhile they actually get it! One Christmas my dh got me a Dremel tool. My mil gave him a hard time about it, because SHE didn't think it was a good present, but little did she know how many hints I had dropped, and he had listened!

RookieMom Heather

Awww, I wanted those too. Almost bought them myself when I was single but instead went to Turkey. Figured that I should buy myself an experience and I'd probably misplace the earrings. But that's one thoughtful guy.


That's a really great story! What a good guy you have. :-)

On an unrelated matter, I seriously think we were living parallel lives for a while. We also owned a multi-family house (3 units though, not two), had good jobs and a big income, and coveted (though never bought) kayaks. I'm glad now we didn't buy them because they'd probably be hanging in our barn next to the mountain bikes we haven't been on in about six years.

Kelly C

For my 30th birthday my husband gave me a diamond and pearl necklace. Amazingly enough what I treasure most was the savenger hunt he put together for me to find the present. There are times when you want the effort and the fact he listened much more than the actual gift.

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