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March 02, 2008


mrs. chicken

No words of wisdom. Only virtual hugs, and I feel so much of the same, friend.


Oh, you! Parenting a toddler is hard enough without being pregnant. And ice bound fro pete's sake. Cut yourself some slack and might I suggest that if there is another vomiting incident you tell Dad that you simply cannot manage with your weak stomach.

Jenny, Bloggess

Oh, sweetie.

If I was there I would hug you and pour two coktails (I'd drink yours for you) and tell you that it'll all get better and recount the time I almost knocked myself unconscious by having sex. Nothing makes you feel better after a fall than hearing about other people hurting themselves.


oh friend...sorry for the slip, the shirt drama, the steam cleaner and the hormones! wish i could help - what can i bring you?


I'm sorry. I got nothing for you either, except for a soothing 'I understand'. When my daughter turned 3, I thought that someone had come in the night to replace my compliant child with a psychopath straight out of the gates of hell. 3 is hard. Really hard.

I'm sorry you fell too. Painful enough when not pregnant, I know the stakes are raised when you take a tumble with a belly full of baby. It'll be okay. Just breathe and remind yourself, it will all be okay.


Virtual hugs too... it's just so hard.


I'm sorry for the all, the crying and the mess. I echo what Kelly said: three was my least favorite age to date. It's by far (IMO on what I've experienced so far) the worst age. Take it moment by moment. You'll do just fine. Hugs!

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