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March 31, 2008



No idea, but your hair looks incredible! I'll go with 26 since it's may favorite number.


i want to guess 28 weeks bc i remember liking week 28?? or maybe i didn't??

by the way, the my dad is a geek bodysuit is from a company called urban smalls. i found it at a local baby shop, but i think you can order them online :)

and thanks for the tag - working on it now!!


I say 26 weeks. You look wonderful :) Long time lurker and just had to make a guess.


27 weeks, but you're big for that. Hope you don't mind me saying.

Best wishes for the remaining thirteen or whatever.


I'll say 25 since no one else has yet. :-)

Cute bellay!

Henny Penny

27 Weeks, but I had to go back to your announcement in January to figure it out.


Um. You named the picture 26 weeks, so I'm guessing .... Twenty Six weeks.

Lady M

I was so self-conscious the first time around that I don't think I have any tummy photos from the first pregnancy. I have a few from this time, because I think it's cute when Q "hugs" his little brother.

Glad that it sounds like all is going well!

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