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February 19, 2008



oh friend - i soooo hate bad haircuts that lead to tears. been there done that! feel your pain and totally willing to go wig shopping with you :)

mrs. chicken

Oh, crap. This is going around, isn't it? You're not alone. And hey, those prenatal vitamins make hair grow fast.

Who am I kidding? It sucks. I get it. I'm sorry.


Been there, bought the round brush and the product.

I'm not a stylist, but I'm helping my friend who owns a salon two Saturdays a month and hey, blogging makes you care about people you don't even know...

Make sure you buy a product that helps your curls; wash, apply, finger-style and go. By "go" I mean - forget about it and let your personality be the first thing people notice. It's hair, it grows, and your life is more than your hair. But seriously - do not pass go and do NOT blow-dry. Put a stocking cap made of old panty hose on it while it dries, and then finger fluff it after. It will save you from mushroom head as it grows out.


I KNOW it hurts. And I'm not Amelie either, which is why I get all tempted to get bangs, and then remember that I'm not a pore-less wonder. But stylists have a responsibility, and sometimes they forget.

So I say, next time you're at the library, go to the magazine section. Collect all the subscription inserts, detach them and fill them out in her name, but be sure to spell it in slightly different ways sometimes. Mail them all in with "bill me later" checked.

(then, don't drink too much wine with dinner and catch up on blogs)

Chicky Chicky Baby

Dood, post a picture. let us decide.

Having said that, the pregnancy hormones convinced me to give the go-ahead to my stylist to give me the soccer mom haircut. I wear a hat a lot these days.


Well that settles it, no hair cut for me until May and this here face bloating baby is out of me.

Are you a cap wearer? Now might be a good time. The Red Sox hats are particularly cute :)


Oh man! Bad haircuts are the WORST!


Damn. That sucks. Been there, done that, just like everyone else on the planet, I guess.

It WILL grow. That's the best part about hair. Give it some time.


That really, really sucks.


My deepest empathy. I have hair similar to yours, and I have had haircuts like the one you describe. They've made me cry, too. Hang in there till it starts to grow out -- soon it will better.

Laundry & Children

I am so with you. My last hair cut is finally starting to grow out. My hair dresser cut it way way way too short and I literally had pieces sticking straight out of the top of my head. Just thinking about how you must be feeling is making me upset. I am so sorry.


I'm sorry you got a bad haircut. Sounds like A. the stylist had no idea how to deal with curly hair, B. she had no clue what you wanted and C. she didn't care. Having gone to school for the very same I don't see how she could have messed up a bob with an extremely short and layered cut. The bangs probably would have been better! I hope it grows out quickly!


You are definitely NOT alone. BTDT. I had my own bad experience in August and it sucks. (http://gavmenagerie.blogspot.com/2007/08/alright-so-heres-story-to-which-every.html).

The good news (duh) is that it does grow and especially being preggo it should come in even faster, but I know that doesn't help RIGHT NOW. Hair is such a big part of our self-esteem, I really feel for you.


Ugh. That sucks. May you find a happy medium somewhere in the grow-out phase.

shannanb aka Mommy Bits

Bummer. I know it sucks. In college my friend, who was in hair school, decided to practice a new technique on me. I'd simply asked for a "trim." The results were AWFUL and I cried and I punched him.

Eventually it grew out and we were friends again.

Gray Matter

You know how sometimes you bring pictures to your stylist to show them what you want. After a bad haircut ( a rarity in our longstanding relationship) I brought him pictures of what I DIDN'T want. They were pictures of Mary Lou Retton and a 1960's housewife. We've been cool since then.

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