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February 25, 2008



Mmm, funny how intuitive they are. I will never forget the moment I saw Briar and Avery interacting, really interacting, and I realized that she would never be alone. It has been dicey at times, but the gift of a sibling is truly precious. Good luck!


I imagine the resistance to sharing you will last for some time, but it will be eaten at by a growing love for the new baby. Especially when he figures out that a younger sibling is often a big brother's biggest fan.


The first six months is rough because you feel like you lose touch with your first-born. But it comes back, a balanced and beautiful relationship.

The Berenstain Bears have a lovely book about expecting a sibling.


i truly can't imagine - although i am sure one day i will be reaching out for your words of wisdom...

sending you extra oxygen and hugs!


I remember having all the same thoughts when I was pregnant with my 2nd (and my first grew incredibly clingy toward the end too). The first few weeks were very hard, I will admit, but they adjust. They learn to roll with it and in all honesty that's a good thing. It's important to learn to wait and take turns.

Now when I see my girls together, I cannot imagine having only one. Aside from me and my husband, they love each other more than I ever imagined. They play together, laugh together and have made our family even stronger. You'll see - it will all be just fine.


the honesty of this really struck me.


Oh, oh, oh. This was lovely and hard and true.

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