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February 23, 2007



Oh, the sleep thing is my total fear. Now that T's great at night, I'm terrified that we're taking it for granted and she'll go right back to her heinous infant habits. My only solace is that she was such a non-sleeper for the first year that we've already paid these dues. Hope it gets better.

At least your mush brain leads to good anecdotes, right?


I find myself spacing at home, but I'm too worried about people thinking I'm pooping to do it in public. I know everyone poops, but I'm a freak and don't want anyone to know that I do it, too.


I totally use the communal bathroom as my Space-Place. When I first started working again after the boys were born, and they were in daycare and I was still adjusting, it was also my Cry-Space, and on a few occasions it has gone from Space-Place to Nap-Place, much to my terror when I woke up and realized I had dozed off.

So far, no awkward moments (unless I slept through them...?) because its a fairly isolated spot, but I will keep an ear out.

What is more annoying than going to your Space Place and finding out someone is already there ahead of you in their stall and they arent leaving anytime soon?


Spacing out in the bathroom? Definite signs of sleep deprevation. Hope it gets better soon. Sometimes during the long wonderful ordeal of motherhood it's hard for me to remember that everything is a phase and will eventually pass. Somehow that's just not too comforting at 3 am and I'm dead on my feet.

Lady M

I've sat in my car in the parking lot at work before, to get a little blank mind space. I set my alarm though, just in case I fall asleep!


I can so relate. Here's what you do. By a playyard XT and set it up in front of the TV then put on a long-playing Elmo DVD and plop your kiddo down with some toys and a blankie. Then you can nap on the couch. This technique has save my sanity many, many times.


Ha! Hysterical. Gotta love the public bathrooms at work. My space out time usually occurs after the kids have gone to bed and I seem to be "watching" TV, but I'm really not. Usually thinking about something else.


Oh, sweetie, the no sleep at night is so, so hard. I don't have any magic answers. My son was 14 months old before he was sleeping through the night, and he hasn't called for blankets or mama or had any kind of really terrifying separation anxiety yet. But I feel you. I really do. This too shall pass, even though it seems far away. I am catching up on your blog after some time away, so write a post or send me an email with a sleep update.

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