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October 31, 2006



OK, this is going to make me a cheat, because this is going to be my November perfect post award. No joking. Couldn't you have waited, like, 10 more hours to hit "publish?"

Love this. I've had this feeling in my heart, too. Isn't it so pure? It makes me certain that true divinity exists.


Beautiful. I love those quiet hours early in the cool morning with just you and the litte one snuggled up. I like to think that we mothers make them feel safe and secure, and that maybe they can wear that feeling like a coat around them when we go to work later in the day. "hold hands..." so precious. But also scary. You are telling me that the sleeping thing doesn't get better for a while?


Sigh. After two years of sleeping through the night, Bub has totally abandoned the practice, with the result that I spend most of my time debating as to whether I should obsess about WHY the night-waking is occurring, or focus on WHAT strategies might prevent it (both options are equally pointless, as you well know).

Sounds like maybe your little guy is ready for a bed? The big advantage is that it's a lot warmer and cosier when it's time for those middle-of-the-night cuddles.

Beautiful post. I'll try to remember it at 4 o'clock tomorrow morning!

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