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October 30, 2006



Sounds like he's got a good grip on the important part: the CANDY. He looks adorable, even sans cow head.


I can't get over how big he looks! And that cow costume is the cutest one I've ever seen. He looks adorable!

Delaney was similarly bewildered by her costume but she got used to it after a while and then I couldn't stop her from prancing and running about the yard.


Well, if he's truly as orderly and exact as you've indicated before, maybe he was thinking "Today is not even Halloween. Why am I all dressed up and doing the whole trick or treating thing on October 28? This is not right." Maybe you can coax a smile out of him on the 31st ;)


My son was like this too at age 2; he actually cried when I put his costume on. Trick or treating consisted of visting one house before a complete meltdown ensued.

Enjoy the candy, at least!


Wait, how did you go trick or treating already?? And, YAY! A picture of you! I haven't seen one before. YOu're lovely.

ANd he's adorable. (but you knew that already)

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