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October 23, 2006



That kind of perfectionism and eye for detail is going to take him places! And we can all say we knew him back in the pacifier days :)

Sunshine Scribe

SO cute!!!


My gal will be right there once you start up that club. Charter member, my girl.


Very modern ... do I see installation art in his future?


Ooh, it's very Ansel Adams, only in glooooorious pixilated technicolor!

Lady M

Tame that randomness! The child is a force of entropy management.



I don't remember if I commented last time you wrote about your neat little kid, but I meant to do so. I have one too, and it surprises me constantly. He likes things very much in order. The yogurt top must be thrown in the trash before he eats the yogurt. The closet door must be shut before bedtime. Nothing out of place at naptime. Things like that. But we're not alone -- I found out we have a whole playgroup of tidy tots! Here's a post I wrote about it a little while ago -- enjoy and keep the good stories (and pictures) coming!http://toddlerplanet.wordpress.com/2006/09/07/tidy-tots/

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