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September 24, 2006



OMG, that is hysterical and disgusting all at the same time! Still laughing over here. You are a GOOD mom.


I applaud you! I'd have done the same. Funny funny.


oh yeah... would have, and have. I wish I had a camera the first time one of my kids produced two streams that actually reached the CHIN.


Resourcefulness always trumps hygiene, I believe. Before becoming a parent, I never realized how much STUFF, and how many colors, can emit from a child's nose...

Lady M

Quick thinking, quick moving, the ever resourceful mom!


Oh, I've done worse things...and that's just in regard to my own snot. Who knows what I am capable of when it comes to my child :)


Oh yeah, the mom's shirt snot wipe is classic. If I am "dressed" then I may do the discreet pinch and wipe on the socks, mine of kid's depending on who is wearing pants. Its amazing how much snot a toddler can oriduce.


I feel it. I've been covered in snot for a week. Ada loves to grab me and rub her runny nose on my shoulders, so I have been walking around with snot-sludge on my shirts.

Lady M

I went to the store tonight and left the diaper bag in the car . . . but thought of this story and stuffed a washcloth in my pocket, just in case!

Oh, The Joys

Oh, yes. This is the story of our lives, no? On Sunday my husband pointed at his shirt and said, "This is Fatherhood. I'm walking around in a t-shirt covered in vomit and I'm not going to do anything about it." Later that same day... "We're having guests for dinner, right? I should really change my shirt." After dinner..."Hey woops! I'm still in the vomit covered shirt!"
Oh, the joys!

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