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September 28, 2006


Lady M

Thanks for sharing. It's been a long week and it's cheery to read a beautiful and true story!

Mrs. Chicky

Ah yes, risky romances. Personally I'd rather meet a guy at a bar rather than, say, a church. At least you know what they're looking for. An office romance was the beginning of my relationship with my husband, risky as well. Gotta love those success stories!


I love this beautiful, inspiring story of how you met and how he proposed. It's lovely. I met my husband at work. Not exactly inspiring but true. And the part about marriage being harder and more complex that you thought? Absolutely true!


Such a great story! And could any other place be as romantic as Paris?

I was always one who believed you never met a good guy in a bar. And then I met my husband in a bar. I thought he was a bouncer because he was standing right by the door. He checked me out when I walked in, I was flattered and figured "Why not?" The bar was mobbed anyway and I didnt feel like fighting my way through with my friends. So I acted like I was waiting for someone and withiin minutes we were deep....

You know, I think I will just blog about this myself :) I have been remiss it not saying more nice things about my husband anyway.


Yes, I agree. Me and him. Always, even if he asks stupid questions all day long.

Haven't seen you around CAC - are we still friends?


I don't know about the French chicken, because I, for some reason, ordered tuna for almost EVERY meal while I was there. My mercury levels must've been through the roof :) Anyway, this is a very cute story, and inspiring to singles everywhere. Your summation of the whole marriage-with-kids thing was very realistic and romantic. For even more of a boost to non-marrieds reading these comments, I will say that you can meet men on the Internet, too! It's risky, but it worked for me :)


What a great how-we-met story! So it CAN happen in a bar, who'd have thought?


What an awesome story, and so much fun to read!


That's a great story! No reason not to meet guys in bars. And that pic of Sacre Coeur is beautiful. When we visited Paris, the weather was so dreary.


yes, i had the bar pick-up as well. After that night, I never went back to drunk dialing old boyfriends. With in 6 months of meeting him I had a ring acceptable to show my friends (god, that sounds so horrible but come on girls, you know...) and a year later, we had The Critter. Life is good.


I met the huz in a bar as well.

That's a great story. Makes me miss my husband (so you know it must have been good!)


what a sweet story...and so lovely to look back on what was, especially sometimes when navigating what is.

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