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September 25, 2006


Mrs. Chicky

Oh wow! That is too funny. But what was more impressive: The Whole Foods or seeing him?



"... what he really wanted was to have sex with me."

So hilarious, and so very true! :)


I''m with Mrs. Chicky. Forget the hot celeb -- I am drooling over the WHOLE FOODS. So jealous.


This is so weird. I just posted today on a celebrity sighting. We are psychic twins. I like yours better though. And did he still want to sleep with you?

Lady M

I think you have to be at least a minor celeb to afford Whole Foods. Yum, though.

Sunshine Scribe

I love Whole Foods. But I love it when hot celebs who want to have sex with me follow me there. You vixen :)

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