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August 30, 2006


Her Bad Mother

Roots and wings. Yes yes yes.

I'll need to remember that.


And my son picks "breakfast" over "don't leeeeeeeeve me mama!" every morning. Little punk.


That post brought tears to my eyes and you know I'm not a sap! I'm contemplating the move to daycare but I think I'll have a tougher time with the separation than she will. How did you do it at first? Was it hard? How many places did you go to first?

It's time.


I created an independent little monster. She has not once, during her thirteen months on this planet thus far, expressed the least bit of displeasure when either myself or her father leaves her side. When we leave her at nana and poppy's or grandma and grandpa's, we're lucky if we get a wave goodbye. She never went through a clingy stage as an infant. She's got the wings, but I'm beginning to wonder about the roots.


You expressed this beautifully. I'm not there yet...but I think I'm where you were not too long ago. Hoping for that day, imagining it as a wonderful milestone, and then wondering why I feel so sad and deflated that my child was able to walk away from me so easily. You done good, mama. And I just love that quote. That's a keeper.

mamacita tina

Oh my gosh, I need a tissue! Such torn emotions. I have to write down that saying from your daycare, I LOVE IT! It's a good thing to remember. Congrats to you and your son.


Roots and wings! Awesome!

How cool that Little Man is learning the concept of Mama coming back always. My kid is too little for this, but I've heard if you put a sticker or a stamp on his hand in the morning, its a way for you to be with him all day and he can touch it when he thinks of you. Great post!


I am so glad I'm not the only mom that feels a pang when realizing I've done my job as a mother perhaps too well!

At first the neediness, the clinginess, is validating; then it's suffocating; then it's simply annoying; then it's not there, and you want it back.

A bit.

My 15-month-old is working through her second phase of separation anxiety, and we've just gotten to the point where we can leave her in day care on Sundays in the church nursery. The first time I came back to get her, I asked tentatively, "How did it go?" - fearing half an hour of an inconsolable little girl. "Just fine," the nursery worker responded. "She didn't even ask about you."


Don't get me wrong; I love that she's more independent, comfortable by herself.

But it still hurts a bit, and it's nice to know I'm not alone.


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