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August 21, 2006



He couldn't look anything but cutely handsome, and brave. And thank goodness you just didn't whip out the tupperware bowl for one of THOSE cuts.

Amy Hatch

Awww. But he does look adorable now. I can see what you mean, though. Not as baby as before.

God, he is such a cutiepie!


Well, the plus side is that there isn't a haircut in the world that could take the cuteness out of that kid! You can also exploit the fact that time goes by so fast to make yourself feel better about his hair growth. In the blink of an eye, it'll be soft and curling again. Ever since time started fast-forwarding for me (read: the day my daughter was born), the only advantage I could find to the frenetic pace is that I don't have time to dwell on anything that I don't want to.


And I thought I might take CJ for her first haircut this week. Changed my mind now.

He does look like a big boy, but still absolutely adorable.


Okay, keep in mind that if you don't cut his hair you could wind up with a Ryder situation. You know, Kate Hudson's son. He looks like a chick and that's not fun either. But seriously, he's fricken cute!

mamacita tina

My little man screamed bloody murder at his first haircut too. It gets even worse when they use clippers. Fortunately, he's remembering those lovely lollipops he gets afterwards and looks forward to it now.


He is so gorgeous - curls or no curls.

I dont want to get my boy's hair cut because they both have curls, one more than the other. But they are starting to look they have baby mullets.


You know I'm with you. I HATE getting haircuts for my little moptop. Just had to do it again last week. whaaaa.


What a cutie you have! My 2 year old son has red curls that are so long now (he's never had a haircut) that I envision him after a haircut with hair like your son's before his haircut. Not sure that makes any sense written down... In other words, your son's curly hair looks short to me, that's how long my son's hair is. And I'm not avoiding the cut because I can't bear to lose those precious curls, but really I am dreading the *scene* he will cause at the salon. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet eventually; no matter what we dress him in, inevitably we get the "what a cute little girl!" comment.

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