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August 17, 2006


mamacita tina

I heard once that kids are picky eaters so they don't accidentally ingest something poisonous. It's a safety mechanism sort of thing.


Shrimp = EWW. I get a lot of flak from this. "How can you NOT like SHRIMP?" Uh, 'cause it tastes gross, that's how.


Um, yeah. Chicken. Cheese. That's it. NOTHING GREEN EVER.

Me, I eat all kinds of things. Love the veggies.



Mmmm... banana. You know bananas over here are about $12kg instead of the usual $2kg due to all of Australia's bananas being wiped out earlier in the year. How I'd love some banana. Mmmmm...

The weirdest thing about the banana shortage is that it's resulted in a interest rate rise because between bananas and petrol prices, people are spending more. Isn't that odd?


oh, that list! There are so many things you can't enjoy. No french onion dip? I was a fairly picky eater as a kid, but I'd grown out of most of that by my mid-twenties. Except peas. I still won't eat peas. ANd licorice, or licorice flavor. Ick. My son is not picky at all, but my daughter only eats carbs and sugar. ever.

Jerri Ann

Hey, I'm a pretty picky eater myself and my children are food lovers in general. No connection I'm sure b/c my husband is pretty picky too.


I hear you. I am not a picky eater and neither are my kids. But they only eat when they feel like it. One night they inhale green beans with garlic and capers and a side of grilled chicken, followed by a peach and some yo-baby. The next night, they will pick at some cheese and nothing else. Completely unfathomable to my "balanced meal" husband.

Sunshine Scribe

I have my fair share of food "issues" ... I like things the way I like em. And my parents would declare I am a picky eater. But my son...not picky at all. No correlation.

And 10 things ... that's pretty good. My friend's daughter would only eat 3 things until she was almost 4 (pasta without sauce, blueberries, cheese). And she is big, healthy, bright and fine.


Hi Picky! I'm Repetitious Eater. I like the same thing, every day for a long time, until I don't want it any longer, again, ever. Like in fourth grade - lunch every day was a Wonder bread, Miracle Whip and Lorraine Swiss cheese sandwich, with two pretzel rods, raw green peas and a chocolate skippy cup. Haven't had any of those things since. Okay, except for the peas. But I used to put the peas in the ice cream and scoop it out and eat it using the pretzel rods. Currently it's a Muesli Bagel every day for breakfast. Next week, it might not be.

Mrs. Chicky

No shrimp? Really? More for me then. :)

I'm not a picky adult but I was a picky kid. And now it seems as if my own kid is turning out to be a bit picky. It figures.

Thanks for that burger/ketchup tip. I'm going to have to try that.


Wow, I love all the foods that you hate. Except chicken salad. I don't believe that any salad should have mayo in it. Also, I love tuna and mayo but it can't have anything green in it - ie. scallions, onions, pickles, relish etc. I find that completely inedible. Also, I just hate onions in general which puts a dent into a lot of menus. I can smell an onion coming a mile away so I'm impossible to fool. Anyway, I don't think this stuff makes anyone high maintenance, we just know what we want!

Jill Asher

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