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July 25, 2006



You tagged me! :) Yay! I'll post this tomorrow.

And I never get sick of you, girlie.

Jerri Ann

I am so sad that I didn't make plans to go before it was too late. I really wanted to go way back then but was afraid of meeting people and being dejected as a nerd! Either way, I'm making plans for the weekend because I suspect blog traffic is gonna be soooo slow! You and I can post back and forth to one another if you want?


I guess I am in teh same boat as you were when you first started blogging. I dont see the point in going for me since I just thought that blogher was for like all thoe really famous blogs? I guess anyone can go now from what I have read. I guess it would be fun but I would feel a bit weird since no one there would no me at all.


I love your new look! Not sure when you put it up, though, because I usually read the feeds in Bloglines. I'm glad I clicked through and saw it. It's great!


Am I the only poor ass blogger who couldn't afford to go to BlogHer even if I wanted to? The idea of going to a convention for which my employer isn't footing the bill is a completely foreign concept to me. It just isn't an option. Maybe once I start earning more money freelancing...but, in the meantime, blogging doesn't exactly pay the bills. I'm going to go eat some ramen noodles for dinner and chase it down with a Colt 45. A penny saved is a penny earned.


Next year. We'll carpool!


Woohoo! Thanks for the tag, since you know I always have SOMETHING to say.

I feel like I at least made the B-List now. But I really think we need to try to be A-Listers next year.


Note: When I wrote "Colt 45," I meant the malt liquor. I was in the shower this morning and randomly thought about the comment I left last night, and I was like "what if someone thinks I meant the gun, not the malt liquor?!?" I really shouldn't leave any comments after I've been drinking ;)


Ha- don't worry Binky- you don't scare me and I think you all are A listers!

Mayberry- I may take you up on that- I hear BlogHer is moving Eastward next year..


Your blog *is* like a friend you never get sick of. THat is the perfect description - I love your writing.

And, yes, yes, yes to it is NOT FAIR that we aren't going to BlogHer. Not fair. A conference my employer is not paying for? Ya - not in the budget this year that's for sure.

Jerri Ann

Binky, we COULD have afforded for me to go but then there would have been no family vacation and I just couldn't make that work out in my head. As bad as I wanted to go, we just don't have that sort of cash flow laying around. I'm not even working right now and lost a gig at clubmom that I was offered then had it snatched away. Had I got that and it had worked out, I would have used my money from that and gone on, but I just couldn't justify not having a family vacation so I could go to blogher....

Her Bad Mother

Dude. Awesome interview.

BIG TOAST to you. I'll muppet you up next week.


I couldn't even read blogs during the time of the BlogHer convention. It was too, too excruciating, imagining all the Blog Queens sipping umbrella drinks. Which is why I just found this entry, uh, now, more than a month after the fact.

Hey, thanks for the kind, lovely words, too.

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