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June 08, 2006



I'm giggling to myself because I remember getting a daily report sheet for Tacy on which the teacher noted that Tacy needed more diapers and "a cell phone to call Mommy".


What a clever little boy he is! There's nothing better than getting that little inkling of what they're thinking. (Though in the case of my Bub, what he's usually thinking is "Five, four, three, two, one: Blast off!")


That is adorable. I just LOVE that moment when Opie first sees me when I get to day care--when he drops everything to run over and crash into me. But--yes,a whole new wrinkle in the realm of separation anxiety, huh?!

Sunshine Scribe

You had me at : "he started to love me back, for real".

It is so wonderful to know he thinks of you and at the same time so hard. It sounds like he is in the world's best day care so you are so fortunate about that.


I love this post and I welcome any and all mushy gushing about the boy because I am the same about mine.
They are kissing me now. I love it and am just so excited for that big wet smooch every afternoon when I pick them up.
I think my dayacare ladies edit too. It seems like they wait for me to say, "Hey have you seen him walk yet?" and then they will say "I thought he was almost ready...."


I don't know. I stay home with my kids and I'm starting to think they would do better in a daycare setting.

There are so many positives to the social stimulation he is getting.

If he didn't miss you at all there would be trouble! He still recognizes you as the main need and love of his life. It's awesome!!


I cannot wait to get to that stage with my little man. He is happy at day care and happy with us at home but back around Mother's Day he would really recognize me and my voice and when he heard or saw me come get him at the end of the day he would screech, drop whatever he was drooling/sucking/climbing on, and speed crawl over to me. It made my heart melt, so I cannot IMAGINE how awesome it will be to hear mama and feel like we are friends. Beautiful post!


PS. And as much as we love them, and as happy as we are to have them all day on Saturday and Sunday, I think there is something very normal about crawling into bed exhausted on Sunday night and thinking to yourself, "Thank god he's going to day care tomorrow," and then miss them so much it hurts again by noon on Monday.

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