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August 10, 2010



I don't think he looks like a girl, just beautiful hair. Keep the curls and let all the girls be jealous.


I agree: Keep those curls!


No way he's a girl - there's no bow or obnoxious clip flower. (mother of 2 boys here ;-)

Adorable. Don't remove a curl!


I think he looks like a boy -- a handsome curly-topped boy. I HAAAAATED having to cut my son's hair (at 11 months!)--I only did it because it was constantly getting stuck in his snotty nose or in his mouth while he ate.


When my daughter was a baby people would always say what a cute little boy she was...when she was wearing pink or lavender!

People don't pay attention.


Etienne's hair is so so so so similar... but I cut it. It has zero to do with gender issues, but rather, this summer, at the pool, it would get little tiny snarls in it after swimming, and I got tired of fighting them out.
His grandma is mad I cut it. Oh well. :)


Wow, Keep the curls and let all the girls be jealous, lolz.

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