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August 03, 2009



I am a bad mother of a boy. Bumblebee is the only transformer we have and I had no idea he's a Camaro. Live and learn.

Lady M

I'm so glad that we got to meet in person!

I got a pair of those baby leggings, if you want them.


Ummm can I just say - you have the cutest hair ever? You look fab!

the new girl

Aw. I felt the same way about you. I don't think I made it into ANY pictures, but the ones I took of myself. lmao.

My hair thanks you for the compliment.

babyblooze liz

I agree -- those Baby Legs are too cute! I am blessed with 2 boys and I LOVe that they come in boys styles. Viva the leg warmer!

Now I just need there to be a movement where it's acceptable for boys to wear tights... if I had a little girl, she would be in cute colorful tights or leggings every single day! :)


Sweetness, other than us not hanging out. At all. Damnit.

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