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May 29, 2009


mrs. chicken

Get them! I am looking for bronze shoes like these. Metallic is the new neutral. Seriously, get them, tell me if you like them, and they gently break the price to me. :)


Oh get them! Metallics are classic. I'm also *thisclose* to 40 and am loving the bronzes and silvers this year.

susan robitaille

Um... A: Being 40 is not so bad lady. :)

I think they're cute... the fact that they are comfy is a total plus. Let all the stupid 19 year olds out there wear the uncomfortable stilettos that bust your back and pinch your toes!
I always wear black too. I rely on jewelry and shoes and handbags to add color.


I like them! And they are a subtle silver, not like an in your face silver. DO IT.


i vote sexy, without looking like you think you're Paris Hilton.


I say go for it Amy! I am newly 40 and wouldn't think twice if I had a place to wear them... I am CERTAIN the kids I hang out with each day would totally not care one way or another! Love your Blog

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