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September 10, 2008



Those little squeaky noises just pierce my heart! you did GOOD.


You can, and you did -- so beautifully!


Not that you wouldn't have come to the same conclusion without us. But thanks anyway :)

He is so adorable. The tongue thing gets me everytime.


Oh the hiccups, and the sneezes, and the yawns. I have three words for you. QUE. TEE. PIE.

Wow, this time goes so fast. Thinking that my 10-month-old looked and acted just like that only a few months ago is mind blowing.


Those little noise - love them. He's a doll.

Thanks for all the smiles and giggles. Makes me want to go hug my own.


I don't have any sound on this computer. And I'm too lazy to fix it. But just seeing him and watching him. Oh, that baby is so cute. Easy to love.


Oh, I left you a little link love on my blog. Come check it out.


Too. Much. Cuteness.

Uterus. Aching. With. Emptiness.

Seriously, he is just amazing. The tongue kills me.

Susan Robitaille

Ohhhh... he is absolutely precious.

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