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August 16, 2007


mel from freak parade

I just added the BlogHer ads to my site. I briefly thought about whether or not to do it. Then I realized that I will write in my blog whether or not I make any money...but money is nice too. I do not try to up my stats or leave comments on big blogs for the purpose of bringing traffic to my site. I just do what I always did...and if I get a few buck here and there, that's cool too. Just do what feels right to you.


I run ads, BlogHer ads, but I have to admit that I don't do much to maximize my traffic. I have tried, but I seem to be the best-known, least-read blogger I know. I guess in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter. I write because I love to write, and if you do, too, then don't worry about the stats. I should take my own advice, I know.


I tossed and turned over this decision recently too and decided -- not to do it. Because for me, it's all about the fact that I just enjoy writing a bit at the end of the day. I didn't want it to feel like a job to me.

But I understand Mrs. Chicken's view entirely and respect her (and others') decision as well. I think either way you go, people will understand.


I haven't gone the ad route, primarily because I have so few readers that it's not even worth the trouble. I've gone through the same reconciliation with mediocrity as you did, although I haven't been as successful with separating my self-esteem from all that blogging baggage!

Mrs. Chicken

I'm no lemming.

And putting ads on CAC was a big decision for me. Long run - I am a professional writer, and professionals get paid.


But I can see your point. Nonetheless, I'm glad that you signed up.

Because you, too, are a writer. And deserve monetary recognition for that work.

Chin up.


I'm not really interested in ads, for a number of reasons. But mostly, I like to be able to choose when and when not to blog. And who to read and comment with without there being any pressure. Good luck with making your decision.


Seems to me if you are able to say no to something because of how it will impact the things/people you love, well then you have a priceless gift in instinctively protecting what you've built.

How's that for cloudy, run-on sentence?

I think you are jim-dandy, like 1,500 hits a day Jim-dandy.


I applied too, but haven't heard yet, which makes me feel like the last kid picked (or in this case, not picked) for volleyball. But it was only yesterday.

I dont have huge stats, but I want to write more, and better (THAT was a grammatic nightmare)so I am hoping this will motivate me to do more. Plus, I will write anyway, so this could only be gravy. Right? RIGHT?

Damn, I hate volleyball.

Lady M

I've thought about it (but done nothing yet). One thing I like is how BlogHer Ads links you to other posts in the network. It seems like a friendly and unobtrusive way to promote other sites and yours at the same time.


I'm afraid it would just remind me of how few readers I have.


I had Google ads on for a while, when BlogHer was closed and to be honest I pulled them because they were fugly and I didn't like the contest they chose to be associated with my posts (like when I wrote a post about sun protection, there would be ads on how to miraculously beat skin cancer with a special cream!). So I pulled them.

But, the BlogHer ads are different, and I might consider it again had I not just completely revamped my site, without ads in mind. LOL.

And I totally agree with CAC as well.

I think everyone blogs for a reason and the things that end up on their blog is a combination of all the things that they are, and that it's all totally cool - kwim?

But then, I also see your point about enjoying your blog and not becoming a slave to how popular you are.

I also realize I am being absolutely NO help, and just coming back around to the fact that it's a personal decision that you have to make for yourself. ;)


I hate the idea of equating non-rockstars with mediocre bloggers. There are plenty of bloggers with low readership who are far more entertaining than some rockstars.

I do love BlogHerAds because of the additional exposure it provides. And a few extra bucks for doing what I'd do anyway - hey, it works for me.

(In there like swim wear. I'm stealing that, but I'll give you credit.)


no help here either. i don't do ads because i just don't. but this is your space. if it isn't going to hurt your soul to try, then try. if you hate it or it makes you feel yech at some point, you can always stop, can't you? nobody here is going to judge you for doing what feels right.


Like a few others have said, I like the BlogHer network because of the potential for getting a few new visitors via the reciprocal links. My position is, it might bring in a few readers; it might bring in a few bucks; and I don't believe it will change what I write or how -- so no harm, no foul. We'll see!


I just added the BlogHer Ads.

It makes me feel a little bit more like part of a community. And I like supporting BlogHer.

Plus, they issue a W-9 which means that I can write off lots of good things (like the conference trip) on my taxes. Hooray for write offs!


I put ads on my site in a hell, why not moment. But I don't love the look, so my husband is re-designing the blog. (Got to love web designers). You can always try it and then pull out.

Gray Matter

Amen, amen, I'll say it again. I think you nailed so many of the thoughts and concerns I've been dealing with lately as a relatively new blogger. I also just put BlogHer Ads on my site figuring if you're already a nymphomaniac why not be a hooker? I'm going to write either way, and if I can make some money at it, great.
What I'm struggling with is obsessing about readership. I've stopped checking my stats three, oh hell, ok, seven times a day, but I must admit, I care about having readers. However, the more I read about the "you shoulds" of upping those numbers the more turned off I got.
Anyway, I'm not sure exactly how I found your blog, but I do love it. Come and visit mine sometime...ooops.

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