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August 10, 2007



I got nothin'. I am in potty training denial. I keep hoping they will come home from daycare one day potty trained. I feel for you.


Um. Maybe he's not ready yet? I fully thought that my son would never potty train (the child could sit in his own steaming mess for hours and never peep). His friends (all girls) all potty trained, and peer pressure didn't even work. I purchased the ridiculously cute catroon underwear. No interest. I read the potty books (OMG the books.)One day, I was doing laundry, and he just walked up, pointed to the pair of Cars underpants I was folding, and said, "I wanna wear those." At this point, I just anthropomorphized the underwear, "Now, you can't pee in these, Lightning McQueen wouldn't like to get peed on!" He has worn underwear ever since. He's had a few accidents, and while pissing himself nevee seemed to bug him, the idea that he peed on SUPERMAN drove him to tears. Pull-ups at night for a while, but then he grew out of needing those, too.

I think it just had to be his idea. I stopped pushing him to go. We've done the candy thing, and the sticker thing, but really, all I had to do with it was basic instruction and equipment supply. He just decided. Boys are like that, from what I hear.

Now, if you hear anything good about how to get little boy skid marks out of underwear, please let me know. Boys stink at wiping.


There's a bunch of you all going through the potty training "cluster-fuck" right now and it's freakin' me the hell out.

We have a potty out and he's used it to pee a couple times, but yeah, I'm really freaked about the whole thing. LOL

Lady M

Lalalala, I can't hear you! In total denial of potty training over here.


I am right there with you.

Going poop on the potty freaks out my daughter also. It's like she panics, and I have to reassure her A LOT. But then once she does it she is all happy and proud of herself. I am not sure if this comes from the fact that sitting on a hole is not the position she is used to when accomplishing that task, and for some reason it makes her panic.

We were doing really well too. Underpants and pretty much trained for 2 months. Then she "decided" she liked going in her pants better, and we have TOTALLY regressed. She just turned 3 yesterday and it is frustrating to me, but I figure pushing the issue is just going to make her rebel more...

Oh and I don't know if you saw my post, but I am right back with you sweetie.... my pregnancy was a chemical one... I'm back to the drawing board :(


I know I am going to sound like a beyotch from hell... but seriously we tried a few times and when it wasn't working, we gave up and waited a few more months. I think by try 3, he was just into it and physically ready and potty training literally took like 3 days.

Of course,who am I to talk - he still wears a pull-up at night (almost 5). But in my defense, the kids sleeps like the dead.


Like 2shews, I have to admit that the lesson I learned from the potty training experience was that nothing was going to happen until HE decided he wanted to do it. Bribes/praise/excitement/peer pressure did nothing. Also, we had no luck with the potty whatsoever (I don't understand how they expect boys to use those, even with the pee guard), so we used the potty seat on the regular toilet. He would run without a diaper for hours, but would then ask for a diaper when he had to go. I would try to coax him to use the potty, and sometimes he would sit on it (other times he would refuse), but never, EVER pee. So I would eventually put the diaper on--and we were all set. Finally, one day, about two weeks after his 3rd birthday, he actually peed as he was sitting on toilet, realized that it was not a big deal and from that day forward, he's had maybe two accidents. It took about three months after that for us to convince him to go #2 without a diaper, and that one required some bribery and also the tactic of having him sit on the potty to poop wearing a diaper with a huge hole in the back, so that way he had the comfort of the diaper, but the poop actually went in the toilet.

Also, have you offered him the option of standing to pee? A friend of mine says it worked for her son.

Good luck. If you feel like you get a lot of push back and it is stressful for both of you, take a break and try again in a couple of months. And yes, I absolutely hate that flippin book.

In the Trenches of Mommyhood

Potty training is soooooooo the worst! I've got 2 down, 1 to go. And am in no hurry, b/c it sucks so much. BUT I am a big proponent of NOT doing Pullups. They're basically an expensive diaper. With my Eldest, he was all or nothin'. He could only be buck naked to go on the potty b/c he wouldn't pee on the floor. But if he had underwear on, they got peed in. So I spent 2 weeks at home with him while he ran around naked. It worked.
My Middle had LOTS of accidents in underwear. But we trudged on--I never went back to diapers--and that worked after about 2 weeks too.
Baby? Is 2 now. And is ready. But I'm not. So he's still in diapers.

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