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April 28, 2007



Sage words, particularly the eating. You have about as much control over that as you do premenstrual breakouts.


Thanks so much Amy - great advice, all of it. I remember feeling the same way about birthing classes. In fact, I think I snuck in a good month earlier than all the other mtbs in there because I was so freaked that I'd go early and know NOTHING. Meanwhile I got the smart tip there that even if you forget everything you learned, your body is meant to do this. You don't tell your boobs to fill up with milk or your pelvis to separate, the same way you don't tell your uterus to start contracting regularly every 4 minutes. It was comforting.

But I'll take your relaxation advice right along with it. I think I need both!


No one told me how hard the breastfeeding thing would be. Labor was nothing next to the nursing!

Lady M

Yeah, a friend pointed out that it was important to relax and not be so stressed those last weeks of pregnancy. After all, it wasn't like I could accidentally oversleep and miss labor and delivery.

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