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February 10, 2007


Mrs. Chicken

I think that pasta dish looks totally yummy, but then again, I am on a diet and am resorting to a bowlful of mini dill pickles as a snack so I can chew something.

Or, my standby is chicken parm. I use the chicken cutlet recipe out of Joy of Cooking but I add oregano and parm cheese to the bread crumbs. And I use Ragu (no one knows the difference). You can make the cutlets ahead and then pop it in the oven.

Email me if you want the recipe.


What about crock pot lasagna or baked spaghetti? Both are so simple. Or what about making a ham? Or you could do subway sandwiches?

mamacita tina

I'm not good at dinners, but I like to do brunch. Egg dishes, easy, and you can prepare them the night before. Just pop it in the oven the morning of the event.

I like the ham idea mentioned above. We get one at Costco and you just need to heat it and add a glaze the last 20 minutes. We put ours in an electric roaster so we can use the oven for some sides. I have a simple but very yummy, sinful potato casserole side dish recipe if you're interested. For a vegetable, we just do the old green bean casserole recipe on the fried onion can.

Good luck, happy eating!


Fajitas are always super easy and a big crowd pleaser. You only cook on the stovetop plus you don't have to assemble anything - just put out grilled chicken/steak strips with sides of grilled onions and peppers, sour cream, guac, salsa, chopped jalapenos, and a big stack of flour tortillas.

have fun!


My friend Whymommy from Toddler Planet sent me over to throw in a food idea or two :) They might be way too deep South for you, but here goes:

I like big one pot dishes for big dinners. Chicken jambalaya, grits and grillades, or crawfish grits are some of our favorites. Serve with or without salad and cornbread.

Then again, if you just have to make the main dish, pork tenderloin is always easy. There is a great recipe from "Come on In" that also has a way easy sauce to accompany it.

If you would like recipes, just shoot me an email.

Southern Fried Mom

I totally love to entertain and cook. I have a couple of great and simple recipes that are always a big hit. (How many people will you be there? You might need to double the recipe). The first is Black Bean Lasagne. Three kinds of cheese, cilantro, no-boil noodles, easy and yum-my! Another suggestion is my Awesome Enchiladas. Use chopped rotisserie chicken (available at Wal-Mart) for convenience. Take about 15 minutes to put together & always get rave reviews! Unique variation on a favorite. E-mail me if you are interested in the recipes!

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