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January 31, 2007


Mrs. Chicken

I admit that I ignored the BJ section.


Amy, I'm absolutely cackling. You are too funny!

Love the great review!!!


Re: the postscript. FINALLY! It had to be said.


Ha! I'd be curious to know some of the other fixes. My first reaction is "hell no!" but then I realize how my girlfriends and i talk about how if you just "put out a bit" it makes life Soooooo much easier. I just hope it's a two way street and not just another thing telling us that it's us women who are responsible for getting the business done. anything for Dads?

I also agree with the postscript. (has anyone seen Louis C.K.? he talks about how women are happy to blow a man they're dating, but who the hell wants to blow the guy they've schlepped around IKEA with. it's awesome).

Lady M

I've been hearing so much about this book. Might be time to visit Amazon and order it.

We're also trying to decide if Baby 2 would be overwhelming!


Hi Amy, this is Stacie Cockrell, one of the BPYM authors. Thank you for your great review. Wow, that Five-Minute Fix page is pretty popular! Yes, we knew that might get some attention, but keep in mind, there are over 200 solutions - and the "Fix" is only one tool in the toolbox - a tool that you may (or may not) want to use. Check out the "Ick Factor" section of the Sex Chapter, a reason one may want to avoid the "Fix." :) To each his/her own.

Now to answer one of the concerns above. This book is not slanted towards men; half the book gives our point of view. We give men many suggestions including: 1) get off the couch and pitch in - we want a partner, not a little 'helper', 2) do a Training Weekend (take care of the baby by yourself, no 1-800-Grandma) to better understand what it takes to care for a baby, and 3) what about a little romance - not the 'paw' or the 10:00 Shoulder Tap. Believe me, we don't pull any punches!

The most important thing to remember - you are not alone. Almost everyone experiences these issues once we bring the babies home.


mamacita tina

What good timing, so need info in this area. Heading to amazon right now, thanks!

Her Bad Mother

I haven't been able to write my review because my head was so spun by their chapter on having more kids. Which is great, because it's so honest, but still - STRESSED ME OUT. I'm totally freaking about the number two question, and it kinda poured oil on the fire. Which, again, is a good thing, but it kinda gave me writer's block.

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