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December 01, 2006


Alex Elliot

We must be related because I have had the exact same experience at the gym (unfortunately more times than I care to admit!)


I feel for you.

I tend to cry when I'm really mad or in a really tense situation. Not real great for job reviews and such either.


Over Thanksgiving my daughter met a 2nd cousin with luminously pale skin and freckles, and darling rosy cheeks. Later she told my husband: "Maddie's cheeks are ALWAYS rosy." She was totally jealous. :)


My sister-in-law is exactly the same way, especially after a couple of glasses of wine. Because of you I won't make fun of her as much - at least for a little while anyway :)

Great post!


I have the same problem with blotches and hives from heat, nervousness, or no reason at all. I can totally feel your pain. Additionally, I tend to get red in the face in tense situations or when I'm nervous. It sucks wearing your emotions on your skin, you can never play it cool.


Dahling....my face is always red, too. I just don't know how to fix it!


This was fun to read. And ditto what Mombat said!


Very vivid! So great that you are comfortable in your own skin now! (Pun intended)


I get VERY red when I work out -- my good friend in college would get all splotchy... Anyway, I sort of feel your pain.


I'm pale too. I don't know how many times someone says, "Wow, you look pale" and I reply (politely of course) "No, that's my normal color. Alaska sun doesn't really inspire the tanning. I don't blush that easily though. Good thing you didn't try a career in the CIA, sounds like you'd make a lousy spy. No secrets.

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