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November 09, 2006



I don't have a therapist or a psychologist, but I really should.


Isn't that therapeutic too?

mamacita tina

Crying helps me relieve stress, and I probably don't cry enough. I tend to bottle it up inside. Just hope I don't explode one day.

Sunshine Scribe

The same thiing happens to me when I go to my naturopath (who I use alot like a therapist). I have never been in her office and not cried. For me its like a safe place to cry and I can get it all out there and not cry everywhere else.

Those answers aren't easy. But there is great strength and bravery in asking them. Thanks for sharing this honest, raw post.

Big hugs to you.


This was a brave post. I really felt a kinship with you after reading it, and I am so glad to hear your tears are lessening.

Mrs. Chicky

What a wonderfully gutsy post! Really. I'm in awe of you right now.

I'm just the opposite. I never cry. Okay, hardly cry. But when I do, boy, watch out. This may seem funny but I think you're much stronger than I am because you can cry. That probably doesn't help you at all but know that one person thinks you're brave and strong and only slightly cuckoo. ;)


Hang in there. You are clearly working through things, and taking those steps will serve you well. It sounds like you're thinking ... and making progress to boot!


I think whymommy is right--that was a really insightful post, so that therapy must be good for Something!

Lady M

So glad that you feel you're making progress and starting to save on Kleenex costs. I have a friend who is depressed and I've very worried for her. I have hope that she can be as successful with her therapy too.

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